The Long Game

The Long Game
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The Long Game: Getting Started and Crafting Meaningful Projects

The who, what, when, where, how and why of reaching the intersection of your personal curiosities. Using experiences to build a roadmap for exploration and the importance of time and relationships.

"My work currently lives at the intersection of science, nature, human health and art.The evolution offinally reaching this intersection began with the sad realization that not making the red nose light up in the game of operation does not necessarily mean you are surgeon material. When I was a kid, HIPPA wasn’t really a thing. And, if it was, I certainly wouldn’t have understood it. I had migraines and when I wasn’t well enough to go to school my dad would bring me with him to the hospital, dress me in scrubs that didn’t fit and perch me on a step stool in the back of an operating room where I could hang out until I fainted. Because if I wasn’t going to learn in a classroom – I could elsewhere. For some reason, I loved it. I loved the hospital, even the cafeteria. All the machines, everything working simultaneously like an orchestra conductor was waving his baton from a helipad."

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Rebecca Gaal

Photographer specializing in Planetary Health & Conservation
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