Telling Stories that Shift Perspectives: FujiLove article 1

Telling Stories that Shift Perspectives: FujiLove article 1
Earlier this year FujiLove Magazine asked me to write a series of 6 articles. Telling Stories that Shift Perspectives is the first article which explores the responsibility we have as photographers and how important (and rewarding) it is to find ways to use our work to do good in the world. If you are interested in reading the full article please send a DM.

"Photography has the power to create understanding, to bring people together, break down stereotypes, and ignite positive change. Photography also has the power to point out what’s wrong, to inflame and provoke anger. There is an overwhelming amount of visual media at our fingertips and it can be tricky to define a space where you want your photos to live and how you want your work to be used and show up in the world. Leading a creative life is about evolving with time and experience and there has never been a greater need to explore how the different aspects of visual narratives can be used to amplify important issues and bring people together. The evolution of finding your place and where you want to be is a process."

Rebecca Gaal

Photographer specializing in Planetary Health & Conservation
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